DIY Ugly Sweaters Blogmas Day 10

Matchy Matchy Ugly Sweaters

Matchy Matchy Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Sweaters are all the rage when it comes to December.  My daughter and I usually host a friend Ugly Sweater Party.

However, ugly sweaters are SO expensive.  Going to the Good Will you can find some “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” for $15-$20.  Nooo thank you.  I would rather make my own.  Our sweaters were inspired by the Grinch’s sweater!  Because the Grinch is my favorite Christmas character!



Old sweater

Green fabric for the tree

Yellow felt

Red felt

Jingle bells

Red tinsel

Hot glue gun

Fabric glue

To complete our “Ugly” sweaters we both wore leggings


  1. Take green fabric and cut out a tree shape
  2. Sew/fabric glue the tree onto your sweater in the desired spot
  3. Cut out “I” and “XMAS” in yellow felt
  4. Cut out “I” a heart shape, and “XMAS” in red felt
  5. Glue onto sweater
  6. Cut out “ho” from red felt and glue on the bottom of the tree
  7. Sew jingle bells onto the tree
  8. Glue tinsel on sleeves
  9. I also cut the top of the sweater to make a more flattering neckline

Very easy and cute!  We get compliments everywhere we go when we wear them. 




DIY Mermaid Costume

This year I decided to be a mermaid for Halloween.  Many of the mermaid costumes at the store show off the mid-drift area.  I was really inspired by Kim Kardashian’s high- waisted mermaid skirt.  She slayed it with this costume.

Materials for the Skirt

Mermaid scales fabric.  I bought 1.5 yards from JoAnn Fabric

Old maxi skirt or body con skirt to use as a guide (optional)

Fabric Glue


safety pins

needle and thread

Sheer fabric/ tulle for the fin. I bought 2.5 yards


Materials for the Top

2 large shells.  I bought mine as a seashell bra from the Dollar Store

Base for a top- tank top, crop top, bra, or swimsuit top.  Whatever you choose



gem glue

Mermaid costume top

Directions for Skirt:

  1. If using an old maxi skirt as a guide, you can leave the skirt long or do what I did, which was cut the skirt to my knees.
  2. Next, pin the fabric onto the skirt.
  3. Once your fabric is secure, glue the fabric onto the top of the skirt by using fabric glue
  4. For extra support, sew the top of the top of the skirt. Making sure the mermaid fabric and skirt are properly attached.
  5. Cut away excess fabric.  I cut mine two inches below my knees.
  6. Cut the fabric you have chosen for the fin into 6-12 inch sections
  7. Pin the fin fabric to the skirt. Making a “V” shape at the bottom of the skirt.  I put more in the front to give it that full effect.
  8. Glue fin fabric to skirt

Body of the skirt. Cut below knees

Mermaid fin

If you don’t want to make your own skirt but still want to have a maxi skirt with a mermaid vibe you can buy this beautiful one from Windsor. FYI it is $39.90.

Mermaid skirt from Windsor here

Directions for the Top

This is more about your own personal preference.  But this is how I made mine.

  1. Glue your two big shells over tank top
  2. Organize gems and sequences around the top
  3. Glue the gems and sequences on using fabric glue or a hot glue gun
  4. Viola!  You have a classy mermaid costume

mermaid top


“Always be yourself….unless you can be a mermaid..then be a mermaid.”