24 Nights of Christmas Books! -Blogmas Day 2

Seasons Greetings Lovelies!

I started this tradition with my daughter last year, when she was 3.  I bought (almost) 24 books and wrapped them up and put them under the tree. Every night leading up to Christmas she would pick a book, unwrap and read the book by the tree.  Such a special time shared with my little one.

Christmas Books

  1. The Polar Express
  2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  3. Eloise at Christmas Time
  4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  5. The Littlest Elf
  6. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  7. Snowmen at Christmas
  8. A Christmas Carol
  9. The Snowy Day
  10. The Nutcracker
  11. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  12. The Wild Christmas Reindeer
  13. Bear Stays Up For Christmas
  14. The Mitten
  15. The Christmas Baby

I bought less because some nights she stayed at her dad’s and so she wouldn’t be home to read the books anyways.
Just walking into your local Barnes and Noble, and looking at the prices of the books….you can see how having 24 Nights of Christmas Books could get pretty spendy!  But don’t you worry, I have some thoughts as to how to save you $$$.

Frugal Ideas!

  1. Don’t buy 24.  You can pick any number, 15! 10! 7! Whatever works best for you and your family.
  2. Start early.  I start this process during October usually, because the Christmas books are out and buying a little at a time helps my wallet.
  3. Don’t buy all new!!! Seriously.  I bought the majority of my daughter’s books from either Once Upon A Child (my favorite store for shopping for her), it’s a gently used second-hand store for kids and I have found some GREAT titles there with no wear.  I also suggest checking out your local Good Will or thrift shop for books.  You can buy these books for as little as a quarter there!  You may have to sift through books longer, but you can find some real hidden gems.  Hello, money-saving!
  4. If your child receives book orders from school, look into ordering from there.  The Scholastic Book orders usually have some decent books at affordable prices.
  5. Find some Christmas/Holiday books that you have in your collection, and just wrap them up.  No need to buy books all the time, children love the surprise and excitement of unwrapping a gift anyways.  So might as well and wrap some books you already own. 
  6. Amazon usually has great deals!  Look online!  And use ebates.
  7. This may not be the most frugal tip, but what I do is to not just limit myself to finding Christmas books.  I also buy Hanukkah books, books with a winter theme, and especially penguin books (Amarah and I love penguins and they remind me of Christmas so win win!)


Hope these are some good ideas for all of you!  Even though we are in the month of December it is never too late to start this tradition!  I know Amarah and I look forward to getting into our comfy pjs, warming up hot cocoa, and finding a book to read by the Christmas tree.



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