10 Reasons Why October is the Best!

I love fall just as much as the next basic girl.  But October just has to be the epitome of what is best in fall.  Even though October is almost over..here is the quick rundown as to why it is one of the best months!


10. Pumpkin Everything

The classic PSL, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, jack-o-lanterns.  Need I say more?

this creative pumpkin was made by my bestie, Kayla! Braces

9. Hayrides, Corn mazes and Nature Walks Oh My!

There are just so many activities to do in October! Going on a hayride and corn mazes are my favorite!  Look in your area to find Harvest Festivals and outdoor activities.  You won’t be disappointed.

8. Fall candles

Candles are perfect to create a cozy feel to any home.  My personal favorite scents are cinnamon and anything warm.  Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite.  They are so fragrant that they fill out an entire room, but you can buy candles anywhere.  Being October, you feel completely compelled to light the pumpkin cheesecake candle from BWW… perfection.


7. These boots are made for walking

Finally, the weather is getting cold enough to put away sandals and wear beautiful boots.  Riding boots, military boots, booties.  You look so posh wearing them. I’m currently lusting after these gorgeous riding boots from Tory Burch.

Tory Burch

I definitely put my best fashion foot forward in October.

6. Sweater Weather

Looking put together is so much easier in the fall.  The temperatures are finally dropping enough that we can actually enjoy the beauty of Fall fashion.  Sweaters are comfy and look cute.  It’s like I’m wearing pajamas but I’m fully dressed for the day!

5. Flannel

My daughter and I fully support #flannelFriday Here are some beautiful ones from Rails


4. Scarves

Scarves is an outfit completer in my humble opinion… You could be wearing any basic long-sleeved shirt that looks “blah” and then put a scarf on and your outfit is transformed.  You can use an infinity scarf, blanket scarf, square scarf etc.  If you’re not into wearing prints, a scarf with a fun pattern on it can be a great way to dive into trends.

Need more reasons to love a scarf?  You can rock your hair in a messy bun or ballerina bun and have a scarf.  Bam, you look put together and not like you just rolled out of bed for your 8am class.

If your face foundation is wayyy darker than your chest, have no fear.  Just pop on a scarf and it covers up your makeup mishap.  I do this all the time when I am too lazy to self tan my body but still want to use my foundation in a darker color.


My fall favorite one is from etsy: you can buy it here!  

3. Scary Movies/Activities

Creepy, scary movies gives us the Halloween vibe.  And if you’re really adventurous and up for a screaming good time…going to haunted houses or haunted hayrides are sure to give you a fright!

2. Beautiful Scenery

leaves Minneopa

1. Halloween!

Halloween is the third biggest party night in the US, second only to New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday! Plus its the one night of the year you can be whatever you want to be.  *cue Mean Girls’ quote about the slut rule*  Halloween is fun, you get to try new makeup looks AND you get candy!!

Honorable mentions:


Homecoming is such a classic tradition when it comes to United States high school and college culture.  There are parades, oodles of school pride, and football!  My university’s homecoming is usually in October..but not all schools have it in this perfect month..and that’s why it is only an honorable mention.


Classic American past time.



Hockey starts in October and is my favorite sport! Sooo of course I had to include it!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dental Hygiene appreciation month!!

Love our dental hygienist!  Especially my best friend, Kayla.

Do you have any other reasons why October is the best?!



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