Friday Favorites

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Friday! I have 5 favorites that I wanted to quickly share before the weekend starts!

Nike Tennis Shoes

Mint Grey

I just recently have gotten into a fitness kick, and have been rocking these at the gym. They are so comfy and stylish. And in my favorite color. Love them!  You can look at them here!

Yoga Mat

When heading to the gym, I have been bringing my yoga mat.  I like to use it to stretch sometimes before and after I workout.  I like using my own instead of using the gym’s because then I know its clean. This one from Kohls is on sale!

This picture i took of amarah

I took Amarah to a state park this week, and I enjoyed connecting with nature with her.  She was SO brave climbing all around.  More pictures to come!


loving tan deluxe bronzing mousse in extra dark


I just got this self tanner this week, and let me tell you.. I’m loving it.  I need to test it out more but I will be doing a review this in a future post.  You can get it here!

Lastly, this Quote



Also, I wanted to apologize for the technical challenge I had earlier.  I was drafting some blog posts for later and accidentally posted instead of saving it as a draft.  Ooops!! Rookie mistake.  I’m sorry about that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.





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