An Apple A Day

My four year old daughter, Amarah (Ah-mar-uh) is the apple of my eye and sometimes I am lucky enough to spend time with her and her best friend, Ady.

We had a beautiful fall day to learn about apples. I planned a day that was both educational AND fun!  We did two activities and then finished the day by going to an area apple orchard.

Apple Stamping



Washable Paint-Red, Green, Yellow, and brown (optional)


Paint Brush

Paint Shirt (optional)


  1. Cut your apples in half
  2. Then, cut notches on the opposite side of the apple to make it easier for your little ones to hold onto the apples for stamping
  3. Have your child paint the tree trunk
  4. Use the apples to dip into paint and stamp away
  5. Have fun!

This activity to get your child to explore their creative side.  Don’t worry about the results, just about the process.  This can get messy so we did the project outside and wore paint shirts.  This project can take as long or as short as you would like.  Just depends on the child.

I definitely suggest cutting the notches into the apples because it made the process of stamping much easier.  They were able to grip the apples much easier.


Apple Volcano

This science experiment was a big hit with the girls. I only made two “apple volcanoes”, one for each girl, but we could have made more!


Dish soap- I used orange scent but apple scent would be more

hallowed out apples


baking soda

food dye

mixing cups


  1. Hallow out your apples
  2. Pour some baking soda into the apples
  3. Pour some soap, vinegar, and choice of food dye into a mixing cup. I had the girls do this themselves.
  4. Take the vinegar mixture and pour into your apple volcano.
  5. Watch the explosion
    IMG_7193IMG_7191IMG_7197IMG_7198IMG_7199IMG_7202IMG_7206Apple Volcano

Apple Orchard

We ended the day by going to the Apple Orchard.  The owner of the apple orchard taught the girls how to pick apples.  We then walked around the orchard picking apples.

The girls are learning how to pick an apple off of the tree by the Orchard's owner.

The girls are learning how to pick an apple off of the tree by the Orchard’s owner.


Children have different learning styles!  I am a big advocate for learning through play, especially at a young age.

Hope these give you some fun ideas to do with your little ones!



One thought on “An Apple A Day

  1. jackie says:

    What a fun experiences you gave Amarah and her friend!!
    The best things in life don’t have to cost a lot of money!!!! 🍎
    Here’s to more happy Fall days!!


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