DIY Mermaid Costume

This year I decided to be a mermaid for Halloween.  Many of the mermaid costumes at the store show off the mid-drift area.  I was really inspired by Kim Kardashian’s high- waisted mermaid skirt.  She slayed it with this costume.

Materials for the Skirt

Mermaid scales fabric.  I bought 1.5 yards from JoAnn Fabric

Old maxi skirt or body con skirt to use as a guide (optional)

Fabric Glue


safety pins

needle and thread

Sheer fabric/ tulle for the fin. I bought 2.5 yards


Materials for the Top

2 large shells.  I bought mine as a seashell bra from the Dollar Store

Base for a top- tank top, crop top, bra, or swimsuit top.  Whatever you choose



gem glue

Mermaid costume top

Directions for Skirt:

  1. If using an old maxi skirt as a guide, you can leave the skirt long or do what I did, which was cut the skirt to my knees.
  2. Next, pin the fabric onto the skirt.
  3. Once your fabric is secure, glue the fabric onto the top of the skirt by using fabric glue
  4. For extra support, sew the top of the top of the skirt. Making sure the mermaid fabric and skirt are properly attached.
  5. Cut away excess fabric.  I cut mine two inches below my knees.
  6. Cut the fabric you have chosen for the fin into 6-12 inch sections
  7. Pin the fin fabric to the skirt. Making a “V” shape at the bottom of the skirt.  I put more in the front to give it that full effect.
  8. Glue fin fabric to skirt

Body of the skirt. Cut below knees

Mermaid fin

If you don’t want to make your own skirt but still want to have a maxi skirt with a mermaid vibe you can buy this beautiful one from Windsor. FYI it is $39.90.

Mermaid skirt from Windsor here

Directions for the Top

This is more about your own personal preference.  But this is how I made mine.

  1. Glue your two big shells over tank top
  2. Organize gems and sequences around the top
  3. Glue the gems and sequences on using fabric glue or a hot glue gun
  4. Viola!  You have a classy mermaid costume

mermaid top


“Always be yourself….unless you can be a mermaid..then be a mermaid.”



20 Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2015

I have scoured the internet to find you all some of the best Halloween Makeup Tutorials.  If you are looking for some last minute inspiration here are some!!

*I have no affiliation with anyone mentioned in this video.  I have not created these looks, instead found some that will hopefully inspire you* 🙂

Best Classic Glam

Victoria Secret

This isn’t a “Halloween” tutorial, but is a great option if you desire a more classic, glamorous look.  It can go with any costume.

Best Glamorous AND Scary

Little Red Riding Hood

Best Vampire

Best Fantasy

daenerys targaryen
Black Swan

Best Animals


Pretty much anything by this girl

Best Scary Zombie

Best Princess

Best Goddess

Hope these inspire you for Halloween!


Morphe 35o Palette Review- Is It Worth The Hype?

Ok, I admit it.

I justified buying this beautiful palette to my mom by saying, “its for my blog”.. but come on…the real reason was because these shades.  They are glorious.

Morphe 35o

We have heard nothing but Morphe in the beauty community since the Queen, Jaclyn Hill discovered them in Summer of  2014.


And so I thought, I need to see what all the hype is about!  The 35o palette was highly talked about on youtube.  I decided to buy this an hour after Morphe Brushes launched the palette, and have been waiting not so patiently to get my hands on it.

Product Breakdown


Morphe Packaging

Cheap black plastic packaging with the Morphe logo on the top.  Seems sturdy enough to travel with.  Doesn’t come with a mirror.  I’m debating on depotting the shadows and putting them in a Z palette.

Morphe 35O


Row 1

Row 1


Row 3

Row 3

Row 4

Row 4

Row 5

Row 5

The mattes are smooth and creamy.

The more shimmery shadows are somewhat chunky and glittery

Most of the shadows are pigmented but I was disappointed in a few.


Price– only $22.99 plus shipping

35 GORGEOUS eye shadows

The mattes are so creamy and smooth!!  They really pack a punch!

Great transition colors.

Mostly a warm palette, but has some beautiful cool colors as well!


Goes out of stock within hours of launching on the website

Made with mineral oil, talc and parabens**

Doesn’t come with a mirror

Cheap packaging

Smells like chemicals

Bottom Line?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

If you are looking into starting your makeup collection, I think this would be a good palette to have.  It is pretty inexpensive and pretty good quality.  The shadows last all day with a primer.  If you are a lover of make up and want to expand your collection, I would also suggest it.  My favorite shadows are hands down Makeup Geek and you could find dupes of these Morphe shadows on Makeup Geek if you can’t get your hands on the Morphe 35O palette.  I have received so many compliments when I have been wearing nothing but this palette.  So I highly highly highly recommend.

**One of the most disappointing things about the beauty industry is how unregulated it is with the FDA.  Many cosmetic companies include ‘fillers’ in their products that aren’t necessarily good for individuals.  Scientists have found Parabens in breast cancer tissue.


10 Reasons Why October is the Best!

I love fall just as much as the next basic girl.  But October just has to be the epitome of what is best in fall.  Even though October is almost is the quick rundown as to why it is one of the best months!


10. Pumpkin Everything

The classic PSL, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, jack-o-lanterns.  Need I say more?

this creative pumpkin was made by my bestie, Kayla! Braces

9. Hayrides, Corn mazes and Nature Walks Oh My!

There are just so many activities to do in October! Going on a hayride and corn mazes are my favorite!  Look in your area to find Harvest Festivals and outdoor activities.  You won’t be disappointed.

8. Fall candles

Candles are perfect to create a cozy feel to any home.  My personal favorite scents are cinnamon and anything warm.  Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite.  They are so fragrant that they fill out an entire room, but you can buy candles anywhere.  Being October, you feel completely compelled to light the pumpkin cheesecake candle from BWW… perfection.


7. These boots are made for walking

Finally, the weather is getting cold enough to put away sandals and wear beautiful boots.  Riding boots, military boots, booties.  You look so posh wearing them. I’m currently lusting after these gorgeous riding boots from Tory Burch.

Tory Burch

I definitely put my best fashion foot forward in October.

6. Sweater Weather

Looking put together is so much easier in the fall.  The temperatures are finally dropping enough that we can actually enjoy the beauty of Fall fashion.  Sweaters are comfy and look cute.  It’s like I’m wearing pajamas but I’m fully dressed for the day!

5. Flannel

My daughter and I fully support #flannelFriday Here are some beautiful ones from Rails


4. Scarves

Scarves is an outfit completer in my humble opinion… You could be wearing any basic long-sleeved shirt that looks “blah” and then put a scarf on and your outfit is transformed.  You can use an infinity scarf, blanket scarf, square scarf etc.  If you’re not into wearing prints, a scarf with a fun pattern on it can be a great way to dive into trends.

Need more reasons to love a scarf?  You can rock your hair in a messy bun or ballerina bun and have a scarf.  Bam, you look put together and not like you just rolled out of bed for your 8am class.

If your face foundation is wayyy darker than your chest, have no fear.  Just pop on a scarf and it covers up your makeup mishap.  I do this all the time when I am too lazy to self tan my body but still want to use my foundation in a darker color.


My fall favorite one is from etsy: you can buy it here!  

3. Scary Movies/Activities

Creepy, scary movies gives us the Halloween vibe.  And if you’re really adventurous and up for a screaming good time…going to haunted houses or haunted hayrides are sure to give you a fright!

2. Beautiful Scenery

leaves Minneopa

1. Halloween!

Halloween is the third biggest party night in the US, second only to New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday! Plus its the one night of the year you can be whatever you want to be.  *cue Mean Girls’ quote about the slut rule*  Halloween is fun, you get to try new makeup looks AND you get candy!!

Honorable mentions:


Homecoming is such a classic tradition when it comes to United States high school and college culture.  There are parades, oodles of school pride, and football!  My university’s homecoming is usually in October..but not all schools have it in this perfect month..and that’s why it is only an honorable mention.


Classic American past time.



Hockey starts in October and is my favorite sport! Sooo of course I had to include it!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dental Hygiene appreciation month!!

Love our dental hygienist!  Especially my best friend, Kayla.

Do you have any other reasons why October is the best?!


Friday Favorites

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Friday! I have 5 favorites that I wanted to quickly share before the weekend starts!

Nike Tennis Shoes

Mint Grey

I just recently have gotten into a fitness kick, and have been rocking these at the gym. They are so comfy and stylish. And in my favorite color. Love them!  You can look at them here!

Yoga Mat

When heading to the gym, I have been bringing my yoga mat.  I like to use it to stretch sometimes before and after I workout.  I like using my own instead of using the gym’s because then I know its clean. This one from Kohls is on sale!

This picture i took of amarah

I took Amarah to a state park this week, and I enjoyed connecting with nature with her.  She was SO brave climbing all around.  More pictures to come!


loving tan deluxe bronzing mousse in extra dark


I just got this self tanner this week, and let me tell you.. I’m loving it.  I need to test it out more but I will be doing a review this in a future post.  You can get it here!

Lastly, this Quote



Also, I wanted to apologize for the technical challenge I had earlier.  I was drafting some blog posts for later and accidentally posted instead of saving it as a draft.  Ooops!! Rookie mistake.  I’m sorry about that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.




Review of the Tarte Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

This is the blush palette for Tarte’s Holidaze collection.  Goodness!  Can I tell you how excited I was when I saw this palette?  I’m a self proclaimed blushaholic.  I love blush!  It gives me life and when looking at this palette, the colors are so me.  Plus the name?  Bling It On!  So cute right.  Inspires me to watch the cult classic, Bring It On.

Quick rundown of the Bling It On Palette

Product Breakdown

There are five blushes.  Four matte and one shimmer.

Cost: $44 with a retail value of $110

This palette is a Sephora exclusive and you can buy it here


The palette is in a sleek black sparkley/sequenced case.  It is magnetically closed with the tarte logo in a gold colored plate on the front.


Inside there is a good size mirror surrounded by rose gold.


The Blushes

Colors in the palette are: fetching (rose), dollface (cool pink), prim (plum nude), smashing (coral pink) and beaming (apricot pink).  All matte blushes except beaming.


Net weight is 4.5 grams of product.  .15 oz x 5

A full size, individual blush is 5.6 g of product. So this palette has less product than a full size, BUT you get more blush colors.

These blushes are extremely pigmented, and last all day (8 hours).  I own quiet a bit of tarte blushes, and have never hit pan.  They last you for a long time.

Here are the swatches


From left to right: fetching, dollface, prim, smashing, and beaming

Formulated without: parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and gluten

Dermatologist tested and cruelty free

Two thumbs way up for this holiday palette!  If you are looking to expand your blush collection with high quality makeup, and enjoy the colors I would certainly recommend for you to buy!  But hurry!  The palette will not be in stock for long…these limited edition blush palettes by tarte usually sell out before the holiday season is over.

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An Apple A Day

My four year old daughter, Amarah (Ah-mar-uh) is the apple of my eye and sometimes I am lucky enough to spend time with her and her best friend, Ady.

We had a beautiful fall day to learn about apples. I planned a day that was both educational AND fun!  We did two activities and then finished the day by going to an area apple orchard.

Apple Stamping



Washable Paint-Red, Green, Yellow, and brown (optional)


Paint Brush

Paint Shirt (optional)


  1. Cut your apples in half
  2. Then, cut notches on the opposite side of the apple to make it easier for your little ones to hold onto the apples for stamping
  3. Have your child paint the tree trunk
  4. Use the apples to dip into paint and stamp away
  5. Have fun!

This activity to get your child to explore their creative side.  Don’t worry about the results, just about the process.  This can get messy so we did the project outside and wore paint shirts.  This project can take as long or as short as you would like.  Just depends on the child.

I definitely suggest cutting the notches into the apples because it made the process of stamping much easier.  They were able to grip the apples much easier.


Apple Volcano

This science experiment was a big hit with the girls. I only made two “apple volcanoes”, one for each girl, but we could have made more!


Dish soap- I used orange scent but apple scent would be more

hallowed out apples


baking soda

food dye

mixing cups


  1. Hallow out your apples
  2. Pour some baking soda into the apples
  3. Pour some soap, vinegar, and choice of food dye into a mixing cup. I had the girls do this themselves.
  4. Take the vinegar mixture and pour into your apple volcano.
  5. Watch the explosion
    IMG_7193IMG_7191IMG_7197IMG_7198IMG_7199IMG_7202IMG_7206Apple Volcano

Apple Orchard

We ended the day by going to the Apple Orchard.  The owner of the apple orchard taught the girls how to pick apples.  We then walked around the orchard picking apples.

The girls are learning how to pick an apple off of the tree by the Orchard's owner.

The girls are learning how to pick an apple off of the tree by the Orchard’s owner.


Children have different learning styles!  I am a big advocate for learning through play, especially at a young age.

Hope these give you some fun ideas to do with your little ones!


The Jaclyn Hill’s Fall Favorites Tag 2015

My makeup idol, Jaclyn Hill (who is the most amazing makeup artist ever and has a killer youtube channel) created a fall tag.  I love Jaclyn Hill, and I love fall, so of course I needed to answer these questions.  🙂

I’ll link her video here:

My answers for the Fall Favorites Tag:

Favorite Candle: Bath and Body Works- Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin


Favorite Lip Color: Urban Decay’s Lip Gloss in Nooner.   I am not into wearing lip products on my small lips and so I usually go for something glossy and natural.  This is more of a dusty rose color.

IMG_7467 IMG_7468

Favorite Drink: apple cider

Favorite Blush: Milani Baked Blush in Rose D’oro and Mac Sheertone Shimmer Blush in PeachTwist.  When looking at these two blushes side by side, I would say that Mac’s PeachTwist is a shade darker and Rose D’oro has bigger chunks of glitter. Love them both!


Favorite Clothing Item: Scarves, and riding boots. I recently just purchased this blanket scarf off of etsy and have owned these boots since 2013 (and they are still going strong!)


Seller for the etsy scarf is here:


Favorite Fall Movie: Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, or Practical Magic


Favorite Fall TV Show: this is so easy, SCANDAL!!!! And Once Upon A Time.  I would probably say before that it was Vampire Diaries, but since Nina Dobrev left I can’t bring myself to watch it.


Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Dinner Rolls with mashed potatoes

Favorite Halloween Costume: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I wore this costume in 2009 and loved it! As for my favorite costume for Amarah would have to be when she was Simba the Lion. Super last minute but no less cute. 🙂

Bonus Questions-

Favorite Fall Nail Color: OPI’s Lost in Lombard

Now I tag you!  Leave your favorites in the comments 🙂 XOXO


Fall Bucket List

Aww October! My most favorite month of the year (besides May…which is my birthday month) but let’s not get technical.

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with my daughter to ask her what are some fun things she would want to do this fall.  We brainstormed and also looked on pinterest!  Because why not go to the experts?

Here’s a fun list of our Fall Bucket List.  We have been working on crossing everything off our list.  It is great to consult when she and I are having a day where we have NO clue what to do…and instead of just watching tv we do something fun together!


  • Visit the Apple Orchard
  • Visit Emma Krumbee’s- scarecrow festival
  • Collect and jump into leaves
  • Fall craft day
  • Go on a hayride
  • Make caramel apples
  • Watch Double Double Toil and Trouble
  • Make fall treats
  • Take fall family pictures
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Halloween party
  • DIY Thanksgiving crafts
  • Light fall candles
  • Take a fall hike
  • Fall treasure hunt
  • Trick-or-treating
  • Halloween movie night
  • Sever’s Corn Maze
  • Go to the zoo
  • Have a bonfire

I also linked the pdf file of this bucket list here: FALLBUCKETLIST

I love making precious memories with my girl.  We have already crossed off quite a bit!

What are you most excited to do in Fall?  Anything essential I should add to my bucket list with a 4 year old?

Thanks for reading 🙂  Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Our first hayride together!

Our first hayride together!